History of CMIT

Date Affairs
1st Apr., 1964 Electronic Calculation Room (ECR) was established in the building for Engineering Research Center 
  Professor Koichi Matsuyama, a chief of technical room officer
  FACPM 231 (Fujitsu) Core 196K bits
1st Apr., 1972 New ECRbuilding is completed.
  Professor Koichi Matsuya, an official room director
  FACOM 230-25 System (Fujitsu) Core 64K bytes
1st Mar., 1973 TSS terminal was established from Kyushu University, Calculation Center, a Dedicated-Line: 50bps
1st Apr., 1978 FACOM M-140 System Core 500KB
  FACOM 230-25 System was linked as a remote station of Calculation Center in Kyushu University, a dedicated line 2,400bps
1st Apr., 1980 Professor Fumio Ueno, a room director
1st Feb., 1981 FACOM M-140 System, batch processes and remote batch processing
1st Aug., 1986 Information Processing Center (IPC)
  Professor Fumio Ueno, an  IPC  director.
  Input/Output (I/O) room, administrator room, and PC room were established
1st Nov., 1986 Opening Ceremony for the IPC
  FACOM M-360 System Core 24MB and HDD 10.1GB
1st Jan., 1987

IPC was started into operation

  In Kurokami and Honjo campuses, the optical fiber based LAN was established (Kurokami-Honjo: 1.5Mbps and Kurokami-Ooe: 9,600bpd, dual lines)
1st Apr, 1987 IPC PC terminals room was started into operation (51 PCs, 26 Printers, 2 Video monitors)
  DDX connections to SINET center
  Kumamoto Uni.-Kyushu Uni. upgraded to 9,600bps
1st Jun., 1987 EMAIL(electronic post)、BOARD(electronic BBS)
1st Jan., 1989 FACOM M-360 System, Core was upgraded to 48MB
  Officially joining to SINET
1st Apr., 1989 Kumamoto Uni. Researchers Information Indexing System Service was started
1st Apr., 1990 Professor Hiroshi Kashiwagi, as an IPC director
1st Jun., 1990 The IPC as a ministerial (MEXT) decree
1st Dec., 1990 Kumamoto Uni. total campus network investigation committee was established
1st Feb., 1991 FACOM M-780/10Q System (Core 96MB, HDD 20GB)
  71PCs and 36 Printers in the 2F of the Engineering Research Center
  55PCs and 28 Printers in the C311 of the Kurokami North Campus (KNC)
  Ooe Campus LAN was established (Kurokami-Ooe: 768Kbps)
1st Jul., 1991 Kumamoto Uni. Intelligent Campus (KUIC) network installation committee was established
  SINET node was established in the IPC.
1st Jul., 1992 E-Mail Servies were started via JUNET
1st Mar., 1994 Installation of the Kumamoto Uni. Intelligent Campus network (KUIC) was completed
1st Apr., 1994 Professor Akira Watanabe, as a director of the IPC
1st Aug., 1994 New IPC building was completed
1st Feb., 1995 FUJITSU VPX-210/10Q System was upgraded as a core of 512MB and a HDD of 15GB.
  CONVEX SPP1000 4 node 8CPU, core 1GB, and HDD 10GB
  Education Systems
  71 PCs and 11 Printers in the CC-I PC terminal room
  43 PCs and 7 Printers in the CC-II PC terminal room
  51 PCs and 9 Printers in the C311 of the KNC
  51 PCs and 8 Printers in the PC terminal room in the Honjo Campus (HC).
1st Oct., 1996 Installation of ATM-LAN was installed
1st Apr., 1997 Satellite Colaboration System (SCS) services were started
1st Feb., 1999 The new system services were started
1st Apr., 2002 Gigabit network system was installed into KUIC(Giga-KUIC)
  The IPC was reorganized to the Center for Multimedia and Information Technologies (CMIT).
1st Feb., 2003 The new systems were installed
  Research Support
   Application Server: SGI Onyx3800(8 CPU, Core 8GB)
   Numeric Calculation Servers: Intel PentiumIII 1.26GHzx2, and Core 2GB)
  Education Systems
   154 PCs and 5 Printers in the CC-I/II PC terminal rooms
   109PCs and 3 Printers in the T911 room

  41 PCs and 2 Printers in the PC terminal room of the Faculty of Science

   412 PCs and 14 Printers in the A401-A408 PC terminal rooms of the Kurokami North Campus
   30 PCs in the Uni. Library
   106 PCs and 3 Printers in the PC terminal room of the Faculty of Medical Science
      101PCs and  3 Printers in the PC terminal room of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science
1st Mar., 2003

Intallation of Uni-WLAN was started at Kurokami Campus

1st Apr., 2004 Uni-WLAN services were started