Questions about VPN connections

Q:I attempted to establish a VPN connection from Mac OSX 10.5.6, but it did not work correctly. There is no problem in authorization, the connection is established, but I cannot connect to websites within the university network. I can connect without any problem when using Windows.

A:Please check the following:

  • Browser proxy settings

Check that you are not using settings for the proxy server of your internet service provider. Try deleting these settings.

  • VPN Client options

Go to VPN Client Option Settings (Modify icon -> Transport tab) and check that "Enable Transparent Tunneling" is enabled, and that "IPSec over UDP(NAT/PAT)" is not selected. If both applies to your settings, try one of the following:

1) Turn Enable Transparent Tunneling off
2) Turn "Enable Transparent Tunneling" on and select "IPSec over TCP Selection" within it, then set the TCP Port to 13395

(Report) I tried the second VPN client option 2) and was able to access the internal university network without any problem.