Computer rooms in the university

In the computer laboratories listed below, you have access to identical computer environments.


Kurokami Kita Area Library annex
Research Center for Higher Education 3F CALL Classroom (A302, B301, B302)
Research Center for Higher Education 4F (A402, A403, A404, A405, A406, A407, A408, B401)
Kurokami Minami Area Center for Multimedia and Information Technologies 3F, 4F
Faculty of Science Building 4, 3F Computer Laboratory
Faculty of Engineering 911 Classroom (IT room)
Honjo, Kuhonji Areas School of Medicine Research Building 3F, Information Education Computer Laboratory
Medical Library
School of Health Sciences (A204, B201)
School of Health Sciences Library
Oe Area School of Pharmacy C Building 2F Computer Laboratory (only available to students of the School of Pharmacy)
Pharmacy Library

(*)The business hours and period vary by laboratory, so please contact the administrative office of the corresponding faculty for details.


Please see the top page of Information Education for information about computer terminals.

See here for basic operations (how to login, how to shutdown, etc.) of computer terminals.