Signed server certificates

  1. Service Outline
  2. Signed server certificates are issued by the Kumamoto University Certificate Authority.

    ※Certificates are valid for 365 days after signing.

  3. Permission for use
  4. Please apply online at the Kumamoto University Certificate Authority page. Signed server certificate are issued 3-4 days after application.

    You can request an extension to the term of validity for your signed certificate from the same webpage.


  5. Service fees
  6. free

  7. How to use
  8. To use the server certificates issued by us, install the certificate in the corresponding Web server. In addition, you need to install the Certificate Authority Certificate from the Kumamoto University Certificate Authority in client Web browsers.

    Although you can establish SSL sessions without installing a Certificate Authority Certificate in client Web browsers, this does not fulfill the primary function of the server certificate, which is to prevent server spoofing.

    Please see here for procedures on installing Certification Authority Certificates.