Our Mission


This center, the Center for Multimedia and Information Technologies (CMIT), was establised as the central organization to integrate the university computer systems and info-communication networks organically. Our mission is to develop education and research at Kumamoto University and to promote coordination with the local community through information technology. To achive the mission, we conduct research on information processing, support information-related research, and provide education on information literacy. We also provide, operate, and maintain computers and network equipment in the university.



The first computer room was established in April 1964 as a shared facility on the university campus. Then in August 1986 it was reorganized and became the Data Processing Center.  In June 1990, it became a ministry-certified facility named the Information Processing Center. In April 2002 the center was reorganized into three research sections and renamed the Center for Multimedia and Information Technologies.

 The three sections are the Computer-Aided Education Research Section (CAERS), the Media Information Processing Research Section (MIPRS), and the Network Communications Research Section (NCRS). The CAERS conducts research and development of multimedia-based computer-aided education systems under the direction of a professor and associate professor. The MIPRS conducts research into the computerization of academic information to build a database and the development of multi-media teaching materials under the direction of a professor and assistant professor. The NCRS conducts research into the advancement and optimization of information infrastructure on campus and in the local community, primarily centered on networks, also under the direction of a professor and associate professor.

 As a core of information technology, we will lead informatization of Kumamoto University and the local community. Our research activity is focused on practical research from real-wrold problems rather than research for research's sake. We look forward to your continued participation and support in the achievement of these goals.