Media Information Processing Research Section (MIPRS)

 Media Information Processing Group


Fields of research


The creation and distribution of multi-media information, such as educational content, requires advanced knowledge and technology. In this section, we perform R&D on the computerization of academic information and the development of multi-media materials, and we are performing advanced research on technology for the optimum processing of information and methods of efficiently exchanging information between countries.


Research activities

Research themes
Creation, storage, and public release of academic information content; imaging of biological information; and algorithms for their efficient processing—these are just some of the themes addressed in our research.


Research papers

  • Research into non-invasive in-vivo magnetic resonance imaging that uses diffusion weighted imaging of the spinal cord. (Doctoral dissertation of fiscal 2009)
  • Research on the application of fat suppression in magnetic resonance angiography and spectroscopy to the trunk. (Doctoral dissertation in fiscal 2009)
  • Research on high-definition square voxel images of the body, such as of the upper gastrium, using magnetic resonation imaging devices. (Doctoral dissertation 2009)
  • Protection of Your Intellectual Property Rights in the Field of Agro-Fishery and Tourism. (Dissertation by guest speaker at fiscal 2007 international conference)