Questions about the university email service

Q:How can I configure the AL-Mail e-mail client to work with OP25B?

A:This is described on the AL-Mail webpage. Please refer to the page.

Q:A new teacher is arriving at his position this April. Can we obtain his e-mail addresses in advance? If so, can I pay the fees in advance myself and obtain reimbursement later?

A:You may write applications on behalf of the intended applicant. Write "Provisional Application" in red on the "Application for GPO Use (New application) " form, fill in the details of the person arriving and submit it to the Center office without affixing your seal to it. There are many people using this system, so please write several candidate of IDs you want.

We ask the new teacher to select his e-mail address (ID) , then after he has arrived, be sure to write a formal application (the above form) and submit it after affixing his seal. We will replace the provisional application (which we will dispose of) and officially process the new application. With regard to fees, since we are only receiving the application provisionally, we will officially process the application form after the new teacer submits his formal application.

Q:I would like to stop the e-mail service of a staff member who is transferring/retiring. What procedures do I need to carry out?

A:Please complete the following and submit it to this Center. Since applications for continuation for the current year closed last month, we intend to process payments for those people who owe fees.

Application date :
Applicant        :
Department       :
Extension        :
E-mail           :
I am applying as follows:
Service:  Campus-wide e-mail server gpo
ID               :
Name             :
Department       :
Use              : Stop use (Delete ID)
Reason           :

             (Be sure to enter the date you wish the service stopped)

Q:I received a file titled "winmail.dat" attached to an e-mail. How can I view the contents?

A:Sometimes, if the sender of an e-mail is using Microsoft Outlook, a winmail.dat file will be sent with an email (

You can use the following methods to view the contents of a winmail.dat file without Outlook.

  1. When using Windows
  2. Download and install Winmail Opener

  3.  When using the Thunderbird e-mail client
  4. There is an add-on called "Look Out" available. Search Google with keywords Thunderbird Add-on tnef to find it. the add-on is installed, e-mails with the winmail.dat file attached will appear to have several files attached to them.

    Note that Japanese file names, if any, will be shown corrupted. Save these files with appropriate file names.

  5. When using Linux, Mac or Cygwin.
  6. You can use a TNEF converter by making and installing it. You can download the converter from the Sourceforge TNEF site.

    After installation, run "tnef winmail.dat" on saved winmail.dat files to extract the original files. Note that also iin this case Japanese file names, if any, will be shown corrupted. Rename these files with mv command to appropriate file names.