university email service

  1. Service overview
  2. We provide  email service using the campus-wide GPO (General Post Office) mail server.

  3. Permission for use
  4. To use this mail service, submit this form to the center.

  5. Usage fees
  6. 2,000yen/year

  7. Basic configuration of mail client (mail software)
  8. The following table shows the basic configuration to use the GPO mail server securely. In the table, we use "Senta Soujou" as a user name and "" as his mail address.

    Basic configuration for secure use of the GPO mail server
    Item Setting
    Name Senta Soujou
    mail address
    user ID (user name) sjsenta
    Outgoing mail server (SMTP server)
    Incoming mail server (POP server)
    Outgoing authentication (SMTP Auth) Select Use user name and password
    Encryption for outgoing mail Select use SSL
    set the port number to 465
    Encryption for incoming mail Select use SSL
    set the port number to 995