How to forward email sent to your university account

 In order to forward mail that has been sent to the campus-wide mail server (it's name is gpo) to another mail server, create a file called ".forward" in your home directory, and configure the forwarding destination in this file. However, a mistake in this specification can result in the loss of important mail. Configuration of this is your responsibility. However, a mistake in the configuration can result in the loss of important mails. It is your responsibility to configure mail forwarding correctly.

In the explanation below, we uses
    account name on gpo:hoge
    the mail address to forward:
as an example.

In this case, you simply add the line

to the ".forward" file. If you are going to read your mails on the mail server gpo as well as forwarding them to another destination,  add "\hoge" after "," (comma) as below., \hoge, 

Note: In the above example, we use a double byte "\" for clarity. When editing the ".forward" file, ensure you use a single byte backslash.  

To update your .forward file, you can remotely edit it by vi command, or transfer the file from your computer to the mail server gpo.

【How to cancel forwarding】
To cancel forwarding, delete the ".forward" configuration file created above.