Web management service

  1. Service overview
  2. You can publish your web page just by uploading your contents to the Web server hosted by this center. There are two types of servers; dedicated Web servers and shared Web servers. In both cases, you don't have to prepare hardware for Web server and you don't have to manage your Web server any more!

    This service includes both the usage and maintenance of the server hardware.
    Support for content creation, content backup and technical issues in content authoring is not included. In case of system failure, we try our best to resolve the trouble. However, our reaction is limited in regular business hours.

  3. Permission for use
  4. Please submit the Web management service application form.


  5. Usage fees
    Service details fee Remarks
    Dedicated Web server   Uses one dedicated server for each domain (contract). 
       (Basic service) 300,000yen/20GB・1 domain・1year
      (Additional disk space) 50,000yen/10GB・year
       (Additional subdomains) 10,000yen/year
    SharedWeb server 80,000yen/2GB・1 domain・1year Uses one shared server with up to 5 domains (contracts). 

     Here, "domain" refers to the level "xx.kumamoto-u.ac.jp". Subdomains refer to the level "yy.xx.kumamoto-u.ac.jp".

  6. Difference between dedicated Web servers and shared Web servers.
     Service details Dedicated Web server Shared Web server (※2)
    Disk space 20GB 2GB
    Additional subdomain ×
    SSL (※1) ×
    DB ×
    • ※1 SSL is only supported on dedicated Web servers. If you use SSL, request a vendor to obtain a server certificate (requires payment) for your Web site.
    • ※2 On shared Web servers, the response time of your server is affected by traffic to other domains (owned by other contracting parties) on the same physical hardware.