e-mail service for students

  1. Service Outline
  2. Each student who has enrolled at Kumamoto University (Note 1) may send and receive email through their email account (address) on the student mail server. However, the account will be blocked if there is any inappropriate email use.

    Please check your email periodically - You will be receiving important emails from the university to your student email account.

    (Note 1) The students who are on the university's student information system (SOSEKI), are able to use our email services. In other words, student who have been issued his/her student ID card is able to use this service. This service is not available for the medical staff and post-doctorial students.

  3. Permission for use
  4. free

  5. Service fee
  6. free

  7. How to use
  8. Please go to the student mail service page for more details.


  9. Configuration parameters to use the student mail server

    Example: student Senta Soujou with student ID 999-Q9999

    Basic settings
    Name  Senta Soujou
    Email address  999q9999@st.kumamoto-u.ac.jp
    User name  999q9999
    Outgoing mail server(SMTP server)  mail.st.kumamoto-u.ac.jp

    Incoming mail server(POP server)

    Security settings (Note 2)
    Outgoing authentication (SMTP Auth) Select Use user name and password
    Encryption for outgoing mail Select use SSL  (Do not select "TLS")
     set the port number to 465
    Encryption for incoming mail Select use SSL  (Do not select "TLS")
     set the port number to 995

    ((Note 2))
    Security settings are required for sending or receiving emails from off campus. You may use our email services without these settings on campus; however it is recommended that these settings be used for better security.