Setting up a connection for the campus-wide wireless LAN

  1. Connecting to the network.
  2. When the login window appears, enter your username and password and click the [Logon User] button.

    【Username and password】

     Enter the username and password that you use to log  on to the Kumamoto University portal, the integrated authentication systemKumamoto University portal


      • click here for an explanation of the integrated authentication system username and password required to logon to the Kumamoto University portal site.
      • clickhere to change you password.

      The above explanations can also be found by clicking the "Explanation" and "Change" buttons on the  integrated authentication system in Kumamoto University portal

    The CMIT is planning to hold seminars on the use of wireless LAN.  We welcome all those who want to know how to use wireless LAN. If you need to use wireless LAN immediately, please contact us directly.

  3. That's it! You have logged on to the authentication system and can now access the campus network,KUIC, and the Internet.