VPN(Virtual Private Network) service

  1. Service Overview

    We provide a VPN(Virtual Private Network) connection service by a Cisco VPN router VPN 3030.

    In principle, this services is only for university teachers and staff. As an exception, student can use this service if his/her supervisor admits that this VPN connection is necessary for research activities. Student also needs a person who is responsible for payment of the fee from university expense (usually his/her supervisor).

  2. Permisson for user

    Please submit the application form for VPN Server use

  3. Service fees

    You are required to pay partial cost of maintenance and support from university budget.

  4. Notice

    It is strictly prohibited to share your ID of VPN system among other users.

     For security reasons, we need to limit users who can access university internal services through public network. Also, please ensure that you take sufficient care with  your User ID and password.

  5. How to use

    To connect to the VPN router, you need to acquire a user ID and install a dedicated client software to your PC. The client software can be downloaded from a internal Web page of this center. The client is supports on OSs: Windows(98, NT,ME, 2000, XP),MacOSX(10.1.5 or later),and Linux.