How to uninstall (remove) F-Secure (Ver7.0*)

Your software may differ from the explanation below depending on the version. For details, see Help or the manual that came with the software.

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How to uninstall F-Secure anti-virus client security

[ Remove the program using the Add/Remove Programs tool]

  1. Check which version of F-Secure is currently installed on your computer. 

    See here here for instructions to verify the version number.

  2. Close all running applications.
  3. Select Start -> Control panel -> Add/Remove Programs.



  4. Select the F-Secure item in the installed program list, then click Remove.

  5. When the F-Secure Uninstaller window appears, click Uninstall.

  6. When the notice Uninstall Complete appears, click Close.
          Repeat steps (4.) to (6.) until all the F-Secure items are uninstalled.

    (Note) Please uninstall F-Secure Client Security -Virus & Spy ProtecUninstall the F-Secure Client Security - Virus & Spy Protection item last. Otherwise, the item cannot be uninstalled with a warning message.

  7. The uninstall procedure is finished when there are no more F-Secure items in the list in the Add/Remove Programs window. Be sure to restart your computer.

  8. If there are F-Secure items remaining in the list in the Add/Remove Programs window at (7) above and you cannot remove them by clicking Remove button, follow this procedure.