How to install Mathematica (Windows Edition)

Installation of Mathematica requires that you complete the license registration. In the following, we explain the procedure for registration at the time of installation. Alternatively you can register your license after installation, but we don't explain here.


  1. Start Windows, and insert the Mathematica CD-ROM. The following window will appear.
    Click the icon "Install Mathematica to hard disk".

    020.jpg (58228 バイト)

    If this window is not displayed, open the CD-ROM drive in Windows Explorer, and double click the icon shown below to display the install screen.

    010.jpg (2710 バイト)

    In this example, the CD-ROM drive is "D:\".

  2. For the Mathematica install type, select Single machine.

    030.jpg (78616 バイト)

  3. Next, you are requested to input user information. Fill the mandatory fields.

    Name: Your name
    Affiliation: Your affiliation
    License number: The number on the CD-ROM case

    040.jpg (83428 バイト)

  4. The following screen will be displayed. A machine-specific ID is shown in the MathID field.
    Register the ID at the Mathematica website to receive a password, which will be sent to you by email later.

    Select Web(W) to open your web browser, and you will be connected to the Mathematica web site.

    050.jpg (70268 バイト)

  5. When the following page will be displayed, fill the necessary items.

    Mathematica version: 4.2
    MathID for single user: Input the MathID and machine name as shown in step 4.

    If you are requesting more than one password, fill in the fields as shown in the example below.

    070.jpg (65372 バイト)

  6. At the Mathematica site registration page shown below,  register the name and the mail address of you (or who manage your Mathematica license). The password will be sent to the email address registered here.

    080s.jpg (43308 バイト)

  7. 無事、登録されたことが表示されます。あとはパスワードが送られてくるのを待ちます。A message is displayed to show that your registration is complete. Wait a moment until your password arrives by e-mail.

    090.jpg (57649 バイト)

  8. Below is an example of e-mail notification with password.
    This contains:
    1. Machine name
    2. MathID
    3. License number
    4. Password
    Input the password in the email into the password field shown in step 4. You will not be able to use Mathematica without this password.

    l-mails.jpg (32587 バイト)

  9. To confirm the expiration date of the license, start Mathematica, and click Help > About Mathematica.

    130.jpg (25961 バイト)

  10. The expiration date of license will be shown as follows.

    140.jpg (54579 バイト)