Site licensed software

  1. Service overview
  2. The university has site licenses for theF-Secure anti-virus software, and the Mathematica formula processing software. Under the licenses, university staff and students may install and use these software on computers.

  3. Permission for use
  4. As for F-Secure, you can request licenses and download them from this page.

    For Mathematica, submit a usage application form to the center. The application form is issued online from this page. Please make sure to print it out and put your signature stamp on it. We will lend you an installation media in exchange for the prepared application form.

    We are sorry to say that students cannot directly apply to use Mathematica. Please apply through a university staff (usually your supervisor).

  5. Usage fees
  6. free

  7. Note

If the computer where you are going to install F-Secure anti-virus software already has anti-virus software installed, then ensure this is removed in accordance with the correct uninstallation procedures before installing F-Secure.