How to uninstall (remove) F-Secure (Ver7.1*)

(1)Extract (open) the file that you downloaded.

  Extract the files downloaded as described in (2).6 to (2).9 in the "F-Secure Anti-virus Client Security Quick Installation Guide (Version 8.xx)". The extracted folder wincli-8.xx includes two files:

  • READ ME FIRST.txt (this file)
  • kuic_fsavcs8.**.msi (F-Seccure 8.** )

  Note that the uninstall tools that came with Version 7.xx, which are listed below,  are not included.

  • UninstallationTool3.exe(F-Secure uninstall tool for Ver 7.0 or later)
  • UNINSTALLATION_TOOL.exe(F-Secure uninstall tool for Ver 5.x or earlier)

    This is because the above tools cannot completely remove F-Secure installed from the msi package (example file name: kuic_fsavcs7.1*.msi). In place of them, please use the Add/Remove Programs tool found in the Control Panel.


(2) How to uninstall (remove) F-Secure

If you try to install a new version of F-Secure (or even the same version in some cases) onto a computer where F-Secure has already been installed, an error may occur during installation or the application may not function properly.

Thus, before installing version 8.xx, use the following instructions to uninstall existing copies of F-Secure.

Remove the program using the  Add/Remove Programs tool.

0. Check which version of F-Secure is currently installed on your computer. 

Right-click the F-Secure icon in the task tray, then select Version from the menu.

If the version number is 7.12, 7.11, or 7.10, start at step (1.) below

1. Close all open applications.
2. Select Start -> Control panel ->Add/Remove Programs.
3.After selecting F-Secure Client Security, click Remove.
4.A dialog box will appear with the message "Remove F-Secure Client Security from this computer?" Click Yes.
5.When a window appears asking to restart the computer, click Yes.
(*)If your computer does not restart automatically, manually restart it.
6.After restarting the computer, confirm that the F-Secure program is deleted from the list in the Add/Remove Programs window.

7.If F-Secure is still listed in the window in step (6), perform this procedurethis procedure.