F-Secure Hotfix Installation Manual

  1. Download Hotfixes from 【F-Secure Hotfix Information
    【F-Secure Hotfix Information 】
    URI: http://www.f-secure.co.jp/support/hotfix.html

  2. Select the hotfix that is appropriate for your platform and the version of F-Secure product you use.

    When there is hotfix information from F-Secure Corporation, the Kumamoto University Site License Management Team will send out this hotfix information by e-mail to those who have downloaded the software. Please see the body of the e-mail for the hotfix information that applies to you.

  3. Click Changes (on the rightmost side of the table) to verify the contents of this hotfix.

  4. In the following instruction, we use F-Secure Anti-virus Client Security 7.11 as an example. This can also be used as an example for the Windows Server version.
    There are files of the fsfix and jar formats in the Hotfix column. Select the file with the fsfix format.

  5. Select Save to Disk and click OK.

  6. With F-Secure running as usual, double click the saved file with the .fsfix extension.

    Internet Explorer may change the file extension to .zip when downloading. Use the File Explorer (My Document) menu, and select Tool ' Folder Options, then select the View tab, and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types," to change the ".zip" extension to ".fsfix." Now double click the file to launch the program.
  7. The install confirmation window will open. Check the Hotfix ID, then, if the version number in the Hotfix Information is correct, click Yes.

  8. The Hotfix installer will be executed.

  9. The Hotfix installation is complete.