Uninstalling [Norton Internet Security]

The following uninstall procedure is for Windows XP SP2 + Norton Internet Security 2007. Depending on the version of products that you are using,some parts of the procedure may not work. For details, please refer to the help files and user manuals for these products.

The basic idea is to delete Norton programs and LiveUpdate, displayed in the "Currently installed programs" list, from Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Additionally, delete LiveReg if any.
After deleting these items, be sure to restart your computer.

==Additioinal information(2007.6.22)==

If you can not delete LiveReg using Add or Remove Programs, then first delete the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\" directory.

After uninstalling Norton Internet Security using the method above, the message "This MSI must be launched through setup." may be displayed while attempting to install F-secure. This means that installation is not possible.

In this case, Norton may not be fully uninstalled. Try the Norton Removal Tool to fully uninstall Norton.


Example [WindowsXP SP2 + Norton Internet Security 2007]

1.On Windows XP desktop, click Start, then select the Control Panel.


2.From the Control Panel, double click Add or Remove Programs.


3.The window of Add or Remove Programs will be displayed. From the currently installed programs list, select Norton Internet Security, then click Remove.

    【Caution】Depending on the version of products that you are using, screens displayed may be different from those shown below.


4.Click Remove All to uninstall Norton Internet Security.


5.If the firewall status recovery panel is displayed, click Yes to turn the Windows firewall on. Or, click No to leave the Windows firewall off.
Click Next.

6.A window will be displayed to confirm removal. Click Next to start uninstallation.


7.When uninstallation has completed, the following screen will be displayed.
Confirm that "Restart Windows now" is selected, then click Finish. The computer will automatically restart. If it does not, then manually restart it.

8.After restarting the computer, open the Add or Remove Programs window as shown in steps 1. and 2. From the Currently installed programs list, select LiveUpdate **, then click Change/Remove.

9.A warning message may be displayed. Confirm the contents of it, then click Yes.


10.Click OK to complete uninstallation of LiveUpdate.

11.After uninstallation, be sure to restart your computer.