Printing Expenses

Printing expenses depend on the type of paper used.


Paper type Base Fee(B0,A0 size)
 Normal paper role 2,000 yen/sheet
 PX/MC premium matt paper role 3,000 yen/sheet
 PX/MC photo paper roll (thick, gloss) 4,000 yen/sheet
 PX/MC photo paper roll (thick, low gloss) 4,000 yen/sheet
 MC/PM cloth roll (flameproof) 10,000 yen/sheet

Normal paper roll is sufficient for normal purposes but we recommend printing on PX/MC photo paper roll (thick, low gloss) for making vivid posters that include many images. Note that when printing, environmental conditions such as paper types may cause colors to be slightly different to those on your monitor

Basic printing costs shown are per sheet of B0,A0 size paper. The fee for A0 size paper is the same as B0 size paper. All costs for smaller sized paper than B0 and A0 are half that of the base fees listed. For example, the base fee for printing a sheet of A1-sized normal paper is 1,000 yen. A single sheet of A2-sized paper is also 1,000 yen.

 For reference, the dimensions for each paper size are shown below. The roll paper provided by the Center is 44 inches wide, so there will be margins left when printing, which will not be cut to size automatically. We ask that users cut the final print to size themselves.

B0 1030 mm × 1456 mm A0 841 mm × 1189 mm
B1 728 mm × 1030 mm A1 594 mm × 841 mm
B2 515 mm × 728 mm A2 420 mm × 594 mm
B3 364 mm × 515 mm A3 297 mm × 420 mm
B4 257 mm × 364 mm A4 210 mm × 297 mm

Additionally, we apply a surcharge based on the amount of ink consumed due to the attached images such as charts, diagrams, photos, and so on. The color fill ratio will be decided by the Center. As a point of reference, simply filling in a complete background creates a fill ratio of greater than 50%.

Additionaly, we apply a surcharge for printings with attached images such as charts, diagrams, photos, and so on because they consume more inks than printings only with letters. The surcharge is determined by the Center staff based on the ratio of painted areas in your printing. For example, simply painting a background color in your printing means a fill ratio of greater than 50%.


Fill ratio Surcharge
0 to 49% なし
50% or more 70% surcharge

As shown above, printing charge = Base fee X (1 + fill ratio surcharge)

When users bring printing paper they have purchased by themselves (we recommend genuine Epson products), charges will be as follows:

Fee = Base fee for normal paper roll X (1 + fill ratio surcharge) X 0.7)

Payment of fees is carried out once per year via disbursement of university expenses from those staff for whom such disbursement is possible. Please note that fees cannot be paid from grants in aid of scientific research.