Preparing Printing Data

The personal computer used exclusively for B0-sized printout can print the following formats.

・PDF Format (Files readable in Adobe Acrobat Reader)
・StarSuite7 Format (All files readable in Sun Microsystems' integrated office tools)
Office2003 Format(All files readable in Microsoft's office tools)

Please bring data saved in the above formats on one of the storage medium: FD, CD, DVD, or USB memory.

We recommend that you create and save your original data in the size that is as close as possible to the paper size you want to use for printing. For example, when your original data includes a JPEG image approximately A4 in size, expanding the JPEG file to A2 or A1 size will cause the image to be pixelated. This is because the JPEG image is a compressed format. When the data is uncompressed, lossy compression causes the data to be degraded so that it does not return to its original form completely; that will spoil your printing.

Data formats other than those listed above cannot be printed from the personal computer provided. Further, it is unable to print special fonts, so if you wish to print using such fonts, you will need to bring your own laptop computer with a USB interface to connect your computer to the B0-sized printer. In such cases we recommend that you download and install the latest PX-9000 driver from the Epson website beforehand. Please note that there may be hardware/software difficulties when printing from computers brought to the Center, so we recommend contacting the Center office (extension 3824) beforehand.