Printing Procedures

This document explains how to print from the computer used exclusively for B0-sized printing. A staff member from the Center will always accompany you the first time you use this printer, so do not worry. From the second time onwards, Center staff will accompany you when you start the computer.

・For PDF format files
Start the computer. After a short while, the login screen will appear. Log in and open the PDF file to print. When the PDF file opens, select File, then Print in Acrobat Reader.

Click Properties.

Set printing parameters. Select Job first.

Select the paper size you wish to use for printing.

Turn "Automatic Paper Cutting" on. This completes the job settings.

Configure the media fields. Set Media type and Paper Category.

Set the resolution to 720x360dpi under the image quality settings.

Set the layout. To set the printing orientation, select "Portrait / Landscape" and "Rotate" as necessary.

The above completes the Fiery print settings. Click OK.

Check that the preview has changed to reflect the changes to the property settings, then click OK to send the data to the B0-sized printer and start printing.

・For formats other than PDF.
When your data is in a format other than PDF, you must use a program compatible with that format to print. That is to say, you must use the B0-sized printer as a local printer. This is similar to printing a new year's card on an inkjet printer from a personal computer. If you are using a computer with a PX-9000 driver downloaded from the Epson website, you can use the B0 printer by connecting your computer to the printer's USB port, starting the computer, and selecting Print from the desired application.

Start the application and open the data you want to print. Next, select File from the menu bar, then Print. Select PX-9000 when asked to choose a printer. Depending on the application you are using, Properties may open when you select a printer. The Basic Settings tab will be displayed.

On the Basic Settings tab, select Media Type and set Mode Setting as shown above. To print images and other elements in the data with a high level of quality, choose Quality, or if there are few images in the data, choose Speed. Do not forget to select Print Preview next to the Epson logo. Next, configure the paper settings tab.

Set Paper Feed Method and Paper Size. Select roll paper in Paper Feed Method, and then select Auto Rotate and Auto Cutter in Roll Paper Options. Select the layout tab.

Selecting Enlarge/Reduce in the layout tab will allow you to select Output Paper. Select the paper size you wish to use. This completes all necessary settings. Click Print.

If you selected Print Preview on the Default Settings tab, a preview screen like the one above will appear before printing. This screen allows you to do a final check. If the preview looks satisfactory, click Print, or click Cancel to make changes. Click Print to send data to the B0 printer and start printing.

We hope that you will make good use of the B0 printer to create attractive posters and wonderful presentations.