Large-format printers for presentation

  1. Service Overview
  2. We have installed an Epson MARXART PX-9000 (referred to as the "B0 printer") for the creation of posters for education and research presentations. This is an inkjet printer able to print in color on paper up to size B0. We have a range of paper available from glossy paper for photographs to normal paper.

    The B0 printer is installed in the computer room on the second floor of the Center for Multimedia and Information Technologies. It is available for use (as a rule) between 8:30 and 12:00 and 13:00 and 17:30.

  3. Permission for user
  4. Fill in the B0 Printer Application form (the Excel version), and contact the Center office (Extension 3824) with the date and time you wish to use the printer at least one day in advance, if possible. If you come directly to us and ask to use the printer immediately, you may find that another person is using it, or that there is no staff in service to assist you.

  5. Usage fees

    Usage fees depend on the types of paper as shown below. A 70% surcharge will be added if more 50% of a paer is painted out.

    Paper type Base fee(B0, A0 size)
     Normal paper roll 2,000 yen / sheet
     PX/MC premium matt paper roll 3,000 yen / sheet
     PX/MC photo paper roll (Thick gloss) 4,000 yen / sheet
     PX/MC photo paper roll (Thick, low-gloss) 4,000 yen / sheet
     MC/PM cloth roll (flameproof) 10,000 yen / sheet
  6. Compatible Data Formats
  7. The B0 printer can print the following data formats.

    ・PDF format (readable in Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    ・StarSuite7 format (All Sun Microsystems integrated Office tools)
    Office2003 format (All Microsoft Office tools)

    Please bring data saved in the above formats on one of the medium: FD, CD, DVD, or USB memory.


  8. Printing Time
  9. Printing time varies depending on the size and layout of the data, but as a rough estimate, printing a single B0-size sheet on a normal paper roll takes approximately 20 minutes, or 30 minutes when printing on a photo paper roll. We would therefore ask that you consider the total time required, especially for printing multiple sheets.